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A Box Level Detail Application for Amazon Sellers! Get 2D Barcodes On-Demand!


Scan Magician is a shipping application designed for Amazon Sellers - by Amazon Sellers.  Scan Magician will create 2D Barcodes on demand, so you as a seller are in full compliance when Amazon rolls out their new rules on November 1st.   

Scan Magician saves you time by allowing you to skip the entire Amazon interface, and slap a label on your package.  No spreadsheets.  No fuss.

Place your trust in Scan Magician, and get shipping quickly, again!

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We have worked with Amazon directly to ensure that our software is completely Amazon compliant.  All Scan Magician 2D Barcodes will work perfectly when submitted to Amazon.  These barcodes are fully Amazon compatible, and will allow you to ship quicker and have your inventory received faster!

All of your Shipments and Payments are completely Protected.  We are protected with AES-256 bit encryption, for both payments and shipment data.  Only you will be able to see your shipping barcodes and payment details.

Scan Magician aims to reduce the amount of time you spend on packing and prepping a shipment.  Our BETA tests indicate that you will see a 2-3 minute decrease per box packed with Amazon's new regulations in place.  Moreover, Amazon will receive your inventory 50% Faster than before when you use a 2D barcode!

Scan Magician is full of tools, from a mobile application to the desktop version where you are also able to access your barcodes; we have tried to give as much as possible.  And more is still to come!  We have lots more in the works at Scan Magician, things such as printing on a Dymo and using a handheld scanner to scan product!

We have separated our plans from the individuals and the prep centers. This ensures that the individual seller can afford Scan Magician, we want to make this available to ALL Amazon Sellers, that is why we have priced it so low.  Many of you that use a prep center, they may use this program as well, due to the fact we are offering an inventory management system on top of Scan Magician!

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Scan Magician Makes Your Home, Which Looked Like the Picture Above, to This Picture Below, All Through the Use of a Smartphone & Desktop Application!!


All of our products come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!!  We stand behind what we create, and what we create is great! Look forward to updates throughout the year!!

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