2D Barcodes: You may be asking why is Amazon making such a large change in the 4th Quarter of 2016, you also may be thinking that you can get along just fine with the tools Amazon provides (which is partially true, you will make it, but you won't want to race); and lastly why introduce a system that really only a few Amazon Sellers are experts - leaving the majority to fend for themselves?

Every Quarter or so, it seems like we can count on Amazon doing something that just doesn't seem logical. However, I can tell you honestly that this change (the 2D Barcode change) should have happened probably a year ago. The automation 2D Barcodes will provide within warehouses will astound, your receive times will shrink (by nearly 50%), and preparing a shipment will take less time than ever by using a 2D Barcode!

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Box Content Details

ALL Amazon Sellers are required to provide the contents of what is in their boxes starting November 1st, 2016.  This is not true if you only ship one (1) box in at a time, but that is the singular exception to the rule!  From experience, it's all about feeding the beast so most of you will be shipping in more than one (1) box at a time.

Error Catching - Safety Net

We have designed software that will catch errors for you when you create a 2D Barcode!  If you are at all familiar with the new rules, then you are aware that you can only have 1 expiration date per box, for example.  So we created an error catching system for those that attempt to add more than one expiration date per box - Scan Magician just won't let you do it, thus avoiding costly fees at Amazon!

Mobile & Desktop

Scan Magician is used as a mobile application to scan the items you put inside of a box, then you can go to your desktop and find your 2D Barcode right there.  We have made access to the barcodes very simple and therefore printing them out to place them on your box to be shipped into Amazon is a straightforward process!

Always Improving!

We at Scan Magician know that this is just the first of many steps that Amazon is going to take in Shipping Automation in its Warehouses.  Therefore, we plan on releasing consistent updates to this application.  Updates like the ability to scan with a scan gun on a Computer to start moving all the way to completion of a shipment all on your mobile device without the need to log into SellerCentral!

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