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A Brand NEW App for Amazon FBA Sellers, Which Saves A Seller Tremendous Amount of Time on the New Inbound Shipping Workflow!

Scan Magician is a shipping application designed for Amazon Sellers - by Amazon Sellers.  Scan Magician will create 2D Barcodes on demand, so you as a seller are in full compliance when Amazon rolls out their new rules in November.  These are simple Box-Level Detail Requirements, so that Amazon knows what is in each package you are sending to them; it allows Amazon to automate their processes and unpack much more efficiently.  Scan Magician will save you time by giving you the correct barcode on demand, allowing you to ship your packages immediately.  No spreadsheets.  No fuss. Place your trust in us, and get shipping quickly again!


As we begin Scan Magician will become an Invite Only Application. There are only a few people who have the power to issue invites, including us the creators and a couple other individuals.  Please consider your invite very seriously, and if you are invited you get an invite to share with another individual.

We are doing this because we want to ensure the VERY BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE POSSIBLE.  And if we grow too quickly then we cannot ensure everyone is taken care of properly, the way Scan Magician wishes to take care of its customers.

Although we are a seller-centric business, we are also in a field that requires that the seller is completely taken care of, from purchase to support of the application, meaning all questions answered within a period of 6-12 hours (usually less), and all refunds happen immediately if necessary (although we don't expect this).

Those are just two examples where we become a customer-centric business.  And we are just that, our principles are focused on the seller, but our support is focused on the customer!

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As you may know 3rd Party Sellers exsist on Walmart.com as well as many other sites, in other words Amazon is not the only site you can sell goods.  However, Walmart was the first of the sites to make sellers comply with the 2D Barcode and Box Level Detail Requirements.  This change actually occurred many years ago, and forced most of the small sellers to stop selling on Walmart, mostly because of a lack in the ability to comply with Walmart's policies on Box-Level Detail.  We are attempting to keep that from happening on Amazon by offering a solution to all levels of sellers.  


We offer unlimited storage of past shipments. Additionally, payments made to us are completely secure, made over a 256-AES bit encrypted server.  We cannot even see your payment details, we have taken every precaution to ensure payments and shipment details are secure.  This will remain a constant priority for us, your details will never be shared with a 3rd party!

We have given you an application on both the computer (over the internet) so it works on both PC's and Mac's! Also we are obviously giving you an application which can be downloaded from the respective app store for your phone (Android or Apple).  We have given you a toolbox of applications, all for one low price.  There are no hidden fees. We want all sellers to be able to afford this application!

Our software is fully Amazon compatible, we worked with Amazon ensuring that everything was correct and will continue to ensure that everything remains correct.  This means consistent updates.  So when you sign up count on consistent updates and new features from us; you are not just getting an application but an ever evolving application that will only get better over time!

Scan Magician will save you a tremendous amount of time.  We know that you can save up to 2/3 the time when compared to using the other methods of entering your inventory to Amazon.  Scan Magician equals hours saved for sourcing or time with your family - because with the new requirement from Amazon, without a Program like this you will be entering your inventory for hours on end for every shipment.

We have two distinct program offerings.  The first is for individual sellers without a warehouse.  The second is for prep centers with a warehouse.  The difference between the two programs is an inventory management system.  We offer an inventory management system as an application, the same one NBC/Universal uses, it's a robust tool.  Yes, we are offering the inventory management system and Scan Magician as one package, because we can manage you inventory at a much lower cost than what others charge!

One great feature of Scan Magician is the auto reject feature.  If your box contents do not fit Amazon's criteria, then Scan Magician will automatically reject your box; not allowing you to create a label.  The reason this feature is so great is because this way you can only create barcodes that are Amazon compliant.  Rest easy, as we have taken care of all of the hard parts of the Amazon Box Content issues.


Scan Magician is priced based on the number of users that will be using the application.  Now we will eventually have a site that just allows you to pick the number of employees you have and then gives you a price from there; now we are working with what we have.

So we have created two separate packages one for 2 users and one for 5 users.  Prep Centers please contact us, using the prep center contact form.

We know that this isn't the perfect solution, but we have also priced it extremely fairly.  Therefore, although it may not be the perfect solution it is priced so well that we would suggest taking advantage of it as anyone who purchases now will be "grandfathered" in at that price forever.  NOTE: This only applies to Annual Memberships & Monthly Memberships without ever having a gap in billing.

We are also extremely proud to release an inventory management system which will fit all size warehouses and budgets! The same goes for Scan Magician, we are pricing it so everyone can afford the software, no one should be without this item!


All of our products come with a money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied simply let us know through email or by phone and we will immediately refund your order!

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